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Overflowing 10-13-19

Posted on 16 Oct 2019
The Apostle Paul lists 9 character qualties that he calls the Fruit of the Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit and what else does he do in a Christian’s life? And what does it mean to be filled, or overflowing, with the Holy Spirit? Join Pastor Steve and he helps us discover the many other
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Fruitology: Kindness 10-06-19

Posted on 08 Oct 2019
Many would agree that kindness is sorely lacking in the world today. In the high-stakes, winner-take-all world that we live, in kindness often disappears in the face of competition or disagreement. What exactly does kindness look like and why does Paul have it in his list of the Fruit of the
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Fruitology: Patience 09-29-19

Posted on 01 Oct 2019
Have you ever prayed the following prayer? “Lord, give me patience, and give it to me right now!” Experts warn us that the no-wait instant world that we live in is destroying our ability to be patient. In today’s message Pastor Steve unpack the fourth fruit of th Spirit
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Fruitology: Peace 09-22-19

Posted on 01 Oct 2019
Peace. It’s something we all long for but never seem to have enough of in our lives. Peace can be defined in different ways so what exactly is the peace that Paul is talking about when he includes it in his list of the Fruit of the Spirit? Join Pastor Steve as he explains what the Bible
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Fruitology: Joy 09-15-19

Posted on 18 Sep 2019
Most of us think of joy as the happiness that we experience when something good happens. Like the first time you rode your bike without training wheels or falling in love. But is that all there is to joy? Join Pastor Steve as he explains that there is an Extreme Joy that we can experience in
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Fruitology: Love 09-08-19

Posted on 10 Sep 2019
Paul, in his letter to the Christians in the area known as Galatia, talks about fruit! Not the kind that grows on trees, but the Extreme Fruit that shows up in a Christian’s life with the help of the Holy Spirit. Today Pastor Steve takes at look at the first Fruit of the Spirit that Paul
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Fruitology: The Holy Spirit 09-01-19

Posted on 06 Sep 2019
*Fruitology: n. 1. The study of fruit and fruit production. In this series we are going to embartk on a study of fruit, but probably not the kind of fruit that you are thinking about! In Galatians 5 the author Paul talks about what he calls the “fruit of the Spirit”, but just what
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Back to School Sunday 08-25-19

Posted on 28 Aug 2019
Our special service to encourage our students, school employees and support staff, and parents & family members of our students as they start a new school year!     August 25, 2019
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Values: Love 08-18-19

Posted on 21 Aug 2019
Have you ever walked into a room full of strangers? For most of us, that experience can be a little intimidating to say the least! But the truth is, when a visitor walks through the front doors of a church they are most likely walking into a room full of strangers. What determines if they stay
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