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Where You Gonna Go? Guest Speaker John Andrews 11-17-19

Posted on 21 Nov 2019
Join Guest Speaker John Andrews as he shares a conversation that Jesus had with some of his disciples, and in the process helps us discover that when it comes to our lives Jesus is the only reasonable option!     November 17, 2019
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Fruitology: Self-Control 11-10-19

Posted on 12 Nov 2019
If there is one thing that is lacking in the world today it’s Self-Control! No matter where you look there seems to be a real lack of this virtue that Paul includes in his list of the Fruit of the Spirit. But just what is Self-Control? And how do we get more of it in our lives? These are
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Fruitology: Gentleness 11-03-19

Posted on 05 Nov 2019
Handle with care. What do you do when you see those words on the side of a box? You treat that package differently than you would normally. You would probably sy that you handle it gently. The Apostle Paul includes Gentleness in his life of 9 character qualities of a Christian that he refers to
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Fruitology: Faithfulness 10-27-19

Posted on 29 Oct 2019
In Yellowstone National Park there is a geyser that when discovered in 1870 it was given a name that reflected the regularity with which it errupted. It’s name? Old Faithful! Faithfulness not only applies to this special geyser, it is also a character quality that Paul lists in the Fruit
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Fruitology: Goodness 10-20-19

Posted on 22 Oct 2019
When it comes to food, what’s good is often a matter of taste or personal preference. In other words, the things I think are good to eat are probably a lot different than the items you think are good to eat! But when Paul talks about goodness in his list of the Fruit of the Spirit, he is
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Overflowing 10-13-19

Posted on 16 Oct 2019
The Apostle Paul lists 9 character qualties that he calls the Fruit of the Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit and what else does he do in a Christian’s life? And what does it mean to be filled, or overflowing, with the Holy Spirit? Join Pastor Steve and he helps us discover the many other
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Fruitology: Kindness 10-06-19

Posted on 08 Oct 2019
Many would agree that kindness is sorely lacking in the world today. In the high-stakes, winner-take-all world that we live, in kindness often disappears in the face of competition or disagreement. What exactly does kindness look like and why does Paul have it in his list of the Fruit of the
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Fruitology: Patience 09-29-19

Posted on 01 Oct 2019
Have you ever prayed the following prayer? “Lord, give me patience, and give it to me right now!” Experts warn us that the no-wait instant world that we live in is destroying our ability to be patient. In today’s message Pastor Steve unpack the fourth fruit of th Spirit
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Fruitology: Peace 09-22-19

Posted on 01 Oct 2019
Peace. It’s something we all long for but never seem to have enough of in our lives. Peace can be defined in different ways so what exactly is the peace that Paul is talking about when he includes it in his list of the Fruit of the Spirit? Join Pastor Steve as he explains what the Bible
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