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The Band, Music Sunday September 27, 2015

Wonderful, wonderful! Tyler is amazing on the drums!  Dave is wonderful on bass and Jake sings!  Tyler leads on lead guitar and Stephanie sings like an angel! I could listen to them all day long!

Music Sept 13, 2015

Wonderful, wonderful talented folks!  And did you know in addition to the talented folks on the stage that we all appreciate we have many behind the scene volunteers. The lights, the sound board integration and the words on the screen are only there because of three separate dedicated folks that use their talents to bring us such an awesome worship experience. Thank you!

Music Sept 6, 2015

Thank you for a great time in worship!

Music August 30, 2015

Wonderful music from at all man band this morning!

Music from August 16, 2015

Thank you to our amazing band!

Music 9 August, 2015

Amazing electric guitar Tyler!  Great time in worship!

Music 2 August 2015

Enjoy! What a talented group of musicians leading us in worship!

Eastpoint Music, July 5 2015

I think I hear a banjo in that first song!

Set Change Week

It’s Set Change Week here at Eastpoint, which means everything is going to look a little different this Sunday!


First we cleared the stage and took down the Angel Wings design. It’s been fun, Angel Wings, but it’s time to move on!


Maybe we’ll turn them into a piece of modern art. Well, I guess they already are modern art.


We took down all of the Chauvet SlimPar Pro RGBAs that we use to light the various elements of our set designs…


…except for one, which we used to light the ceiling as we installed some new trusses!


Set Change Week goes faster with lots of help!


We attached the SlimPars to the trusses and began stringing yarn through a shower curtain ring attached to a bungee cord to get a tall triangle shape reminiscent of a Christmas tree.


The first one came out really well so we knew we were on the right track!


Once we finished we got all of the instruments and stands back on the stage–just in time for rehearsal!

Week 11: New Staff, New Series

We’ve been too busy to blog lately, but we’re still going strong here at Eastpoint.

We are excited to welcome Sarah Melton of Saira Marie Photography to our volunteer staff. As our Student Ministry Director, she will be creating and overseeing the entire student ministry program at Eastpoint. She already has big plans to renovate one of the downstairs rooms into an engaging environment for students grades 6-12. She is planning on getting the program kicked off this September. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and watch this blog for updates.

We’ve also kicked off a new series: Choice Words: How to Say the Right Thing at the Right Time. Come check it out on Sundays at 9AM.

Week 5 Production Update

Well, we are five weeks in to the Eastpoint adventure. This week we installed six new lights–three backlights, a top light for the worship leader, and two lights to power two new air filter towers. The backlighting gives us the ability to do some really cool things. Come check it out!

Beyond production, we’re looking forward to some new projects in the weeks to come, too–revamping the basement to create an engaging children’s environment, and getting some small groups going, to name a few. Pretty soon our “production updates” will just be “updates”… there will be a lot of other things going on here!

Week 4 Production Team Update

Service this Sunday was incredible! We launched our very first sermon series, Who We Are. Our production staff and volunteers really hit the ground running, and it has taken a little time to start to settle into a routine, but it’s happening. This week should see the arrival of our new Jands Vista lighting control software as well as six powerful new LED lights for backlighting and effects lighting. And, of course, loads of cables.

Sarah Melton of Saira Marie Photography lent us her incredible talent this week and took some pictures of our service. You’ll see them around the website and on our social media pages. Thanks Sarah!

Week 3 Production Team Update

I wish I could say things were beginning to calm down here at Eastpoint, but we are busier than ever. This week we have carted chairs, hauled pianos, installed new mains, and fought with our digital mixer. Our production volunteers continue to refine the Sunday morning service. Every day it seems we expand our wish list. (Production is expensive!) Others are painting rooms to be used for the children’s program and nursery. We are looking at taking our first steps in video production soon. We need to schedule our first baptism (yep, already).

Oh, and we created a website.


Come check us out this Sunday and see what we’ve been up to.