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How to Disagree without being Disagreeable 05-24-2020

Posted on 24 May 2020
Opinions. We all have them. You know, those things we believe that we can’t necessarily prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. But what do you do when someone has a different opinion than you do? How do you respond when someone expresses their opinion in a not-very-nice way? Based on what we
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Prayer (Part 5) 05-17-2020

Posted on 17 May 2020
Is there a preferred way that God wants us to pray? How can we become more consistent in our prayer life?Is there anything I do so that God will answer more of my prayers? These are all questions that Pastor Steve has heard throughout his years of being a pastor. In this practical final message
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Prayer (Part 4) 05-10-20

Posted on 10 May 2020
Someone once told me that the reason God gave us two ears and only one mouth was that he wanted us to listen more than we talk! I don’t know about you, but talking seems to come naturally to most people I know, but listening… well, let’s just say that listening is a skill that
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Prayer (Part 3) 05-03-2020

Posted on 03 May 2020
For many of us, our approach to prayer is based on the way we were brought up or perhaps the churches we went to when we were younger. Last week we examined what Jesus had to say about prayer and in the process discovered that much of what we thought about prayer wasn’t exactly correct
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Prayer (Part 2) 04-26-2020

Posted on 26 Apr 2020
If you are like me, online tutorial videos are my go to help whenever I need something fixed at my house. From washer and dryer repairs to changing a taillight on my vehicle, having someone talk me through the process is invaluable. But better yet would to have an actual expert be there to help
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Prayer (Part 1) 04-19-2020

Posted on 19 Apr 2020
Have you ever thought about what you believe about prayer and why you believe it? Much of what we think we know about prayer we learned from our family growing up or the churches that we’ve been too. But what does the Bible really say about prayer and why it’s something that should
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Living Hope (Part 2) 04-12-20 (Easter Sunday)

Posted on 12 Apr 2020
There is no greater story of hope than the events that we celebrate on Easter Sunday. Join Pastor Steve as he explains why how the resurrection proves that true hope is found in Jesus Christ alone, and the rewards that true hope can bring!     April 12, 2020
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Living Hope (Part 1)

Posted on 05 Apr 2020
Have you ever noticed that kids tend to do a lot of hoping at Christmas and Birthdays? They hope they get this or that gift, especially the gift they wanted the most! Sometimes we hope for things as adults as well. But just what is hope? And what, if anything, does the Bible have to say about
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Answering the BHQ 03-29-20

Posted on 29 Mar 2020
Have you ever run into a question that made you go “Hmmmmm…”? Usually these kinds of questions just spark your curiosity, but sometime you may run across a question that challenges one or more of your core beliefs. These are what Pastor Steve calls BHQ’s – Big
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